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I think every person lies to me its the type of lie that matters. We all have called in to work sick when we’re not we just need that time to ourselves that kind of lies isn’t ideal but really doesn’t hurt anyone the kond of lies I dislike are the ones told to use people’s emotions, prey on them or just to hurt them. Those are the kind of people I call liars. I respect the truth even when it hurts because no matter how difficult it is I would rather speak the truth then hide it with painful lies.

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  1. Then there are pathological liars too, who lie without any real reason. There are many types of liars .. everyone lies to some extent but if it doesn’t hurt anyone to a greater extent it’s okay, to sometimes lie but we shouldn’t make it a habit. I don’t think lie ever helps anyone but we need it sometimes to hide the truth. Some truths are better not revealed, just some..

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