Piece of Heaven

I hope you will like this positive video

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  1. Smiles Your Voice Sounds Like a
    Fountain of Kindness and the Sound
    of Water Overflowing A Fountain Same
    IS A Sound Now A Picture of Peace
    of Faith
    in Harmony
    Now.. Smiles
    Technically this
    Commune is called
    ‘Forest Bathing’ With Nature just
    another way to attain Autotelic Flow
    NoW in aN Ever Complexity of Change
    in Nature that takes us away from
    Anxiety with Soothing Sounds and
    Sights Eternally Now more to
    Be For Real a Taste of
    Heaven Within
    that need
    not end
    As Long
    As We Find
    An Over Flowing
    Fountain of Love for
    This Life Experiencing
    Water Wave Ocean Whole Flow Always now..
    Other than that Hi HI Hi.. Ms Hugs Dance Dance
    Dance i Flow too With SMiLes.. SMiLes SMiLes
    i Sing Heaven Within Like You too my Lovely Friend..:)

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