Power of Laugh

Laughter is an expression of happiness and satisfaction, irony, humor. After all, it can brighten your mood, help you forget your daily routine, and change sadness. Still, the sense of humor reflects our education, our intellect, and it is so strange at times that people laugh at tragedies, mock disasters, giving positives to almost every situation.

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  1. Laughter is indeed a great thing and it really can change a person’s mood. It can help us forget problems, it can even help to heal a person faster if they are sick, it gives people a more positive outlook which helps in the healing process. Great thought Ilona!😃😺🍁🍂🌞

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    1. I believe, that laughter needed, a good laugh can always change the mood and make us feel better. There are already to many problems in this world and to much overthinking, good laugh sometimes, can save the day😊💛🧡🧡Thank you Steve for reading, feeling thankful and happy🤗🍒💜

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  2. Hey ilona, 😄Laugh is a powerful powerful medicine science says it releases endorphins, dopamine. A treat to your brian. No i did not google it. I just watched bumble bee movie and there is this dialogue. Not everything comes from google😉. Sometimes experiences gives content ✨😄 So why i am clarifying myself here 🤔😂😂 Where did i left? Yes, Laughter releases amazing hormones that will give your brain a wonderful treat. All the worries stress and anxiety that fogs your brain will disappear ✨✍️ It has a great great healing benefit. People think if they are disciplined or organized or when they get old. Being grumpy is a sign. Ever seen such people ? same reaction for everything.Hey you are awesome! same reaction. World is gonna END!!! Same reaction ✨ Laugh it off seniors laugh if off . Our very limited time on this does not deserve sadness or stress. It deserves a treat « Happiness ».. Laugh!😄😄😄😄😄

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    1. Hoooolaaa!!!!!!!! Yes, the best medicine ever, happiness and laugh has some healing powers, you know? People should laugh more, smile more, doesn’t matter even if there is no reasons😁 Lol, made me laugh your comment i will post it😂

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