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Each and every day of our lives is confronted with the reality of life. Not only is it sweet, sweet, but also painful, bitter and depressing. Reality is what we encounter, but what we do not see, and perhaps we are unable to see and understand, is life itself, its meaning, its inexhaustible beauty that has surrounded us since the early days.

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  1. Life, Life on earth is something same and common, its all about surviving. Every living being on earth has its own purpose and own way of surviving. Unlikely to animals, Humans are way beyond just life. They tried to bring a different meaning and different ways of survival to life with Braveness, Love, Kindness, Rage, Wars. Stone age , bronze age, iron age, modern history. Each had a different life and its meaning. In this modern history hope we all in our reality and living the moment.😊 Too boring🤔😉😄 Life is complicated. Just like this comment😄😄😄

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    1. Hey hey hey, someone i back with super good mood and thats so amazing, you are right and thank you so much for reading and commenting, means a lot to me, sorry for short answers, super busy at work today, i hope will get better soon😂, thank you for putting huge smile on my face💚

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  2. Life is truly a beautiful and amazing thing. Life must have meaning, otherwise there would be no point in living. I don’t believe we are here because of some cosmic accident, then life would have no meaning and would not have any beauty. But life is beautiful, we should seek for the meaning and therefore we can truly enjoy the life we have. Another great topic Ilona!😁🌞😸🍁🍂

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    1. Yes, Steve you are very right about, life beautiful, one and precious, thank you for popping in, lucky to have you around, sorry, of late answers, i’m super busy at work these days, but i’m very happy to read such a nice comments☀️

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