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So this word probably has a different meaning to every person on the planet. For one, happiness is in money, in wealth, but such people are rarely truly happy because it is important for them to have as much as possible, and they usually do not have time for the true values ​​of life. Such people usually try to earn as much as possible, to have as much as possible. They forget children and family. This can often lead to conflicts. These types of people don’t always have that family.

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  1. Hey ilona, That was another interesting topic indeed. Happiness, if that is coming from the papers(money) dey can’t keep that with them forever. Anyone Ever cherished the moment they found one dollar and kept it with them forever? dey buy something for it. Tats sure. Money u can’t keep it with you, but can earn. Happiness is around you, you dont have to earn but you can give a lot, share a lot make others life more happy. In simple words Happiness is « within » you. Find it 😉

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