Atumn mood of the cat

Rainy day, the best what i can do is chill😂

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I'm here to post my thoughts and positive pictures❤️

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  1. Saviez vous que le chat est d’origine extra-terrestre ? En effet il a été amené de l’espace par les égyptiens ( voir le tome 2 de DESTINATION TERRE , Les dieux atlantes ) … d’ailleurs quand vous parlez à un chat , quelle que soit la langue , on sent qu’il comprends ce que vous lui dites … et s’il ne vous connaît il vous regarde avec l’air de vous dire : qui c’est celui-là qui ose m’adresser la parole ? … bisoussss

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  2. Haha!!! i kid you not
    i just wrote a Story
    About a Cat to a
    FRiEnD haha
    Could Write one
    For you but i would
    Have to tailor it
    For Different
    Color Hair
    And Eyes Hehe
    Anyway just
    Out MuSinG
    On My
    Bigger Border
    Patrol With SMiLes..😁🤗🐯🐝🦋😂🎶🌻🖼📝🖍💡✨
    HAha A Package i
    Bring for Gift may
    Not Be Huge
    But my
    Tool Kit
    Is Beyond Belief😇
    Why Be just a Particle
    Wave And Field of
    Dreams Be the
    Motion of
    The Ocean
    Roar And Grin🐯🕺😁

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  3. I really wanted to write a comment about Autumn, but they are closed in a post. I am writing here with your permission. Autumn is a picture, music at the same time, and the most wonderful art object … Well, not to mention the beloved cats, they themselves are also works of art …☺

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