Can life experience change people?

A person’s life is shaped by various experiences. Some are related to the body and are treated as physical, with little influence on the further development of the human being, while others are seen as affecting the individual as magnetic poles, pulling or pushing the person away from future choices that potentially determine his further personality development.

Deep spiritual experiences here form a vast sphere of action and change the person through the echoes of experience in the subconscious. Strong factors that can drastically alter a person’s understanding of ethical norms, mindsets, or even existential well-being can be love, the loss of a loved one, or the reproach of conscience.

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  1. I think that life experiences can have a profound impact on life. It can happen at any age, too. Imagine a child losing a parent, or a parent losing a life. Those events can change a life trajectory forever.

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  2. I agree, Ilona. Definitely!

    We choose our paths early, and sometimes even the slightest action has profound consequences. It’s quite difficult to change directions once you’re on the path, too.

    That’s why it’s quite impressive when someone manages to do so. Think about it. Maybe your parents were cruel. Most often, that’s because their parents were cruel to them, And so on, and so on, going back centuries. For someone to break the cycle and to be caring is extraordinary.

    …and this is crucial to Humanity’s progress, is it not?

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  3. Hi ilona, it does. The person today we see is not the person they wish to be. everyone have their own twist in their life, that why we always say life is a drama, small events make a big impact and That will turn their life upside down. Nice post ilona✨👏✍️

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  4. So true Ilona, all the experiences we have throughout our life help to change us, mature us and help us to grow into the person we are. Some things will affect us positively, other things perhaps in a more negative way, but all shape us into who we are. We should always look at these experiences in a way like, how will this help me to grow and be a better person. Great topic Ilona! I hope your day is going well!😁😸🍁🍂🌧

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