A person’s life is shaped by various experiences

Some are related to the body and are treated as physical, with little influence on the further development of the human being, while others are seen as affecting the individual as magnetic poles, pulling or pushing the person away from future choices that potentially determine his further personality development.

Deep spiritual experiences here form a vast sphere of action and change the person through the echoes of experience in the subconscious. Strong factors that can drastically alter a person’s understanding of ethical norms, mindsets, or even existential well-being can be love, the loss of a loved one, or the reproach of conscience. Another experience that changes a person’s self-awareness is the loss of a loved one.

The trauma of death-related trauma changes the psyche of a person and increases his emotional sensitivity. As a result, human attitudes to the world are changing. If the world was previously believed to be a safe place, after the loss of a loved one this perception changes and the individual often begins to fear normal things that should not cause any discomfort.

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  1. Very true. Different experiences impact each of us differently. My husband lost his mom in a traffic accident, and he is a more cautious driver now than before.

    I think sometimes the impact can be for the better, too – an experience that brings us added faith or a new passion.

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  2. It’s a mirror, what we saw in it. even if it once our perception completely changes. our view towards that particular thing replaces it with the bad or good experiences of us. It’s a part of someone’s maturity and sometimes someone’s destruction. it will impact us, everyone. We should not let the reality fade away. Must stick to the reality✨ Because tats the truth.

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