Release the JOY

Today’s mood, i m feeling really happy today, usually when i’m happy i just have to dance least few minutes, i was wondering how other people express their happiness?

I thinnk, that every emotion has to be expressed, whats the point to hold it inside? Look at the children, they usually express it every well, doesnt matter what kind of emotion, happiness, anger, sadness, they somehow know how to do it.

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  1. Happy ilona😁😁😁 Hey that sounds great. I love to dance when i am super active😉 Great !! Emotions should not be packed. It is a food, you share it. If u r angry open up but the right way. if u r sad open up, to the right person. If u r happy share the happiness with people around u.✨ Why am i talking all about giving🤔? oh! Thanks giving season😀✨ Is there thanks giving at your place?

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    1. Super happy me😁😁💚👽, me too, but i prefer when nobody seeing it😁😁, i think even bad emotion should be shared, holding back is not good, i’m very emotional person and i’m not able to handle it😁😁😁i have to express😂😂yes we do have thanks giving and x mas and new years, i love x mas, i like to pack gifts🌈😎👽💚🤗do you have it as well in India?

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  2. If a person is happy it should be expressed, other emotions as well, though in the right way, some emotions are best expressed when no one is around. But happiness, show it with a smile and cheerful attitude. Plus jump up and down doing happy dance!! Though I certainly won’t be doing that for a while!😄😸😂

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