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Character is our most prominent feature and features. With the help of a character, we can control our feelings. But life doesn’t always go out that way.

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I'm here to post my thoughts and positive pictures❤️

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  1. The Character of Human That Lasts Is Friend…
    When Friend Is Real And Not Just A Character on a Page (Text)
    Interestingly among Millennials Your Age Ms. Hugs at 27.. A Quarter
    of Millennials Have No Acquaintances at all in Real Life. Close to Half Have no
    Intimate Friends in Real Life. Among All United States Adult Citizens Half have not
    Made An Intimate Friend in the Last Five Years in REAL LIFE EITHER. So NoW what’s
    The Problem What’s The Human Condition The Human Condition The Human Condition
    That is Integral to our Very Survival on this Planet is We Become The Best Friends We Can with
    Everyone We come into Contact with This Is How Our Ancestors of Groups of 40 to 50 People in a Village
    Raised as Child Like the Show Friends together Did but it was a Village a Bit Bigger of 40 to 50 People depending
    On All Hands on Deck for Basic Subsistence in Life Where the Joy of a Dance And Song At The End of the Day
    is As Simple
    As By God
    We Live
    Together in
    Peace And Harmony
    Another Day So What has Replaced
    THAT WE CREATE AND USE YES MACHINE AS iRobot and iPhone become
    One and Humans Lose their Greatest Achievement in life Innately Instinctually
    And Intuitively No Different Than the Wild Wolf Who Howls at the Moon For A Friend Away from the Pack…
    We No Longer Howl We No Longer Even Realize We Have Lost Our Humanity as We ‘Candy Crush’..
    As that Applies to Browsing the Web all day without any actual Moving Connecting and Co-Creating
    Reciprocal Social Communication With Humans true i used to do this too.. when i worked at the
    End of the Day Lazy Browsing Killing Time Turning My Humanity into Dust Withering Away
    the More i did not make the Focused Effort to Reciprocally Interact and Communicate
    With other Human Beings By God even my Sweet and Lovely Wife who i got
    to the Point of Having Dreams and Waking up and forgetting She was
    Even Human Living in my Home.. i understand the destructive
    Force of Becoming a Tool a Terminator Machine.. and
    This is why i Dance And This is Why i Sing i move
    connect and co-create with Lovely People like
    You who at least open their blog
    Homes to me and allow
    A Free Flow of
    Exchanging Ideas
    that are deeper than Twitter
    Shallow my Friend A Best Friend
    is an Open Home that Welcomes Different
    inDeed as Different is what leads to the Character of Change…
    Loving Change is what the World Needs now Most a Revolution of Hugs Ms. Hugs..
    There is 100 Percent Trust that everyday i come to Your Blog whether or not i comment
    as i have been super busy with some other stuff lately that You Will brighten up my day..
    Please Understand this Value You Bring That Value is Everlasting it is no Word Press Stat
    my Friend it is giving sharing freely of Your Humanity to others if i had all the Money in the World
    i would give it to all my Friends so they would never have to worry about that evil dollar bill again like
    me.. hehe.. perhaps i will do that next.. there are no limits for me for my Soul is always open to change..:)

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      1. Great the change you would be ,
        Knowing the truth is to set you free,
        Move with the flow of life and see that  the ebb and flow of sea ,
        Was always there and will always be ,
        God give you strength being like a key ,
        Divine consciousness is in you and me ,
        Change is an eternal river of thee,
        To a new social contract we agree ,
        Always inspire us to find liberty , …
        My friend to remember eternally ,
        Each seed you plant becomes a tree ,
        As the French say mon amie ,
        Trinity is in all including you and me ,
        Evolution and revolution is there ,
        To continue and forever be ,

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      2. Perfect Song; i will add only one word: Dance

        People don’t listen to Lyrics much more than a Sentence
        of Rap these days as Science Assesses the Average Human
        Attention Span at less than a Gold Fish ‘these new days’.. yes
        Literally Less than 3 Seconds.. So i put ‘my Song’.. 73 Months
        7.3 MiLLioN Words into 12,060 Miles of Public Moving
        Meditation Flowing Dance in Trump
        Town, United States; the place where
        85 Percent of my Town who call
        themselves ‘Christians’ voted
        for another ‘Father of all Lies’
        This is also a ‘Foot Loose’
        Place where they Burned
        Rock and Roll Records
        attributing reality to
        Conspiracy theories still then too…
        So i Dance ‘these days’ it’s a long
        Form of a Poem that Most People
        will be able to Actually see about
        95 Percent of the General Public
        same Percentage of People who got no
        benefit from the ‘Last Renaissance’.. the
        ‘New Renaissance’ is here and better than
        ever for those who are actually participating
        Listening Singing and Doing A Dance of Song too..:)

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  3. Hi Ilona😊! Character 🤔 hmm.. How do u judge a character? well, before that, How a character is made? can u blame the society for a good/bad character? It comes out with a lot of questions. But let me tell you this. Life experiences makes a character, the way a human handles his experience and show his good values makes one a good character. Life will always play with you, be prepared to be always good and best✨🤗✍️

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