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Dear Ilona,

It is up to the person who hates us – we should not be dependent on other people’s opinion – in this dependency we surely would not like it – if we know the reason why someone dislikes us – when we have really made a mistake, then we should clear the situation, if we have caused it from our side – but if someone hates us for certain reasons: is jealous on our success, our appearance or talents, is a person who quickly judges over the others and when getting something in return, starts to hate you for this, hates you, because you are in his or her way (in many ways) – then we should have good thoughts for this person instead of paying back with the same coin, should have compassion with such persons as they mostly expressed their hate by some inner fear of losing something, of not getting something, because of retaliating matters and the like – our good thoughts may help them as they also have effects. In this case: if we really want to see some change in the world for becoming better, then we should begin with ourselves – and in doing so we will prevent any kind of violence, not even in our thoughts… to become a living good example through our thoughts, words, and deeds to trigger an avalanche going around the world. This will help in general to dismantle hate and being hated.


Thank you for your attention, dear friend and for your sharing this important subject 
All the best, my friend

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