Children and Phones

Thise days we see little children with phone, who habe access to unlimited internet, social media and all other things what they shouldn t have access. Its not an easy task to decide when they should be able to have their first phone.

I believe it have to be related with the moment when schedule can change at school, to warn their parent, or when they able to be alone without parent if any trouble to be able to reach them at any moment. But this depend of the parent, the character of the child, the area where they live. There is many factor who will differ from one family to another

. But as most of phone have internet now, we should limited internet for until a certain age, its crazy what they can see there and its very important to protect them from it, especially from social media.

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  1. Hi dear Ilona , y’re so right … recently I take my grandson to his university in Saint Etienne and before to leave we offer him a restaurant in the city … food and environment was marvelous as it was a cheese speciality restaurant … all people seems very happy to be there , out of 2 silent tables near us … on the first they were a couple and on the second were 2 couples , all 6 working on their smartphones ! if they are not able to speek together at the restaurant , do they work on the smartphone when they make love ? in this case we cannot say they make love , they make only sex … what kind of senses such a live … bisoussss

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  2. Just for constructive criticism and correcting ,
    Say , it has to be
    ( not it have to be )
    And their parents with an s
    Some plural take s …

    Otherwise , your posts are lovely …I hope you do not mind correcting …Thank you …

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  3. I totally agree with you Ilona. Children should be restricted with their phones, having all that access to internet and social media is not something they need. Phones can be helpful in certain situations but it seems most kids have a phone because their friends have one. And so many kids have problems socializing as they grow up because so much time is spent on their phones instead of getting together with other kids to play and socialize, so they lose very important life skills. Great topic Ilona! I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!😁🌞🍂🌨

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  4. Ilona..I think that limiting phones from kids ain’t the best solution…kids should be trained « proper phone use HABITS »… cause phones at the same time help in the mind development of kids..I mean, just look at the « Chinese kids »…so sharp all because they are able to embrace technology like (phones) at an early age…

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