Friends and business part1

COLLABORATION with my friend Steve:)

Friends and Business

Many people like the idea of being self employed, that is having their own business. There are many pros and cons to this idea. It takes the right person with the right idea to really make it succeed. There is a lot involved in starting up your own business. It needs to be properly researched, studied and planned to make sure there is a need for this particular business in a given area. A business which might be successful in one location could easily fail in another.

And finances are a big consideration, whether you can finance it yourself or will you need to borrow. And where do you want to borrow the money you will need, a financial institution, such as a bank, or perhaps a relative or friend. Sometimes 2 friends might want to get a business started together. They might be 2 people that have been friends for a long time. They could be the best of friends so they are sure they could easily work together and make this business venture succeed. They might enjoy all the same things, in hobbies, sports or whatever and never really have any serious arguments. So they just know this idea will work out great.

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