Restaurant experience

I went to a restaurant last week and there was a woman with her 2 children, just in front of me. The children were touching the salt, pepper, napkins and everything else that was on the table. She ordered Fanta for them, which I personally didn’t think was good, they already looked very excited and it isn’t healthy. But it’s not my business. They started to play with a straw and make bubbles, one pushed the glass with his elbow, it fell and broke. It was his brother’s glass, so the brother started to scream and cry. She was on the phone, kept on texting and when the serving lady came she said, my kid broke the glass, can I get a new Fanta and new glass? Yes you can, here it is. The food arrived, they ate. They were throwing fries all over, people were watching them with angry faces, an old lady pointed her finger and said, no, no, no. Then super mama stood up and started to scream at the old lady. She said, how dare you educate my kids! The old lady said, someone has to do it, seems like you are not able to do it. Look at the table, not to mention the glass from before. The woman turned red and went back to her table. Later, the serving lady counted 3 glasses of Fanta instead of two. The woman said, my kids didn’t drink 3. The waitress said, yes, the one was broken with the drink inside, so you ordered 3 after all. The woman kept complaining, she asked to talk with the administrator, and he came. Other people said to him, that they couldn’t enjoy their meal, she wasn’t even watching her kids. She let them scream and cry and throw food around. She was on the phone when the glass got broken. At the end she said, I’m too rich to talk to all of you. I will never come back here. I thought: too rich, yet you are complaining about paying for a third glass of Fanta?

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