Mental health

When it comes to this topic, i can talk a lot, i have read a lot of books about it and i find out, that this health issue touches more, than half of population, yes in 21 century we have huge problems of stress, worries, heart attacks and panic attacks, all this come from we can say no where, but the problem is deep inside us, not hungry, always tired, want to puke, can’t sleep, stomach pain, doctor say you are physically healthy, gives you therapy with psychologist and pills, therapy is good idea, but pills, won’t fix the problem, we are holding inside us all the pain what comes from environment, all the anger, sadness, we keep collecting it inside us, until collection is to big and it starts to effect us on our mental health, is possible to heal you, there is big tips for it i will write about it in my next post.

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  1. Hi ilona, Mental health is too much in words. People have campaigns so much of instablogs. That seems ✨👌 And your contribution towards that is really appreciated. Well you said it perfect, pills do no good, but it gives a hope. A part of mental health theraphy by giving us Hope. Looking fwd to ur next post. ✨🤗✍️

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