Power of mental HEALTH

First we creating our habits and after they creating us. Is very important what you choose, because you choose what you become. But we have the possibility to make mistakes and the opportunity to change it.

Every morning we choose our mood, what kind of clothes we will wear today, lets put happiness on, it’s always fashionable. Do what makes you happy, stay with people who makes you smile, don’t try to be better than others, but try to be better than yourself yesterday.

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  1. We are creatures of habit , but if you are feeling a little frustrated allow it to be , accept it , relax and rest if needed and then do something about it to change or rransmute it into something of a high quality vibration like peace , joy and peace…Yes , life is full of ups and downs , Light and dark …When you feel down or dark , rest or do something uplifting like having a walk outside or resting or preparing to improve your job . If you feel good , always choose to be joyful and do whatever you love that adds value to your life . If you love to draw and paint , do it … If you feel inspired to good ideas , act on them …
    Through both joy and pain ,
    You transcend , grow and gain …

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