Multitasking good or bad thing?

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  1. Hello Ms. Hugs.. i Believe You Already Have YouR
    Answer How Much Appreciation of One FLoWeR
    WiLL You Have if You Are Distracted By Another
    FLoWeR While You Are Viewing the Full And
    Complete Beauty of the Violet Morning
    Glory Above.. More is Less
    When it Comes to
    Human Multi-TasKinG
    Science SHoWS too that
    When We Laser Focus All our
    Flow on one Task We Maximize
    Our Creativity and Productivity 400
    to 500 Percent More.. More is less Now
    More is Less one Task one Focus Now
    Maximum Human Potential achieving
    On That One TasK Now.. HAha it’s like
    What i am Writing now Each Word i am
    Laser FocuSinG oN YouR SoUL i Perceive
    As i Connect to Words Organic this way with
    YouR SouL For Sure my SouL Flourishes this
    Way In All its Violet Morning Glory FLoWeR WiTH SMiLeS
    It’s Like Dance And Song Every Step And Word Becomes
    Holy And Sacred If We Will Ever Reach ‘Lord of the Rings’ STaTuS NoW heHe..:)

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