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Sometimes in my head thousands of inspirational thoughts instantly run away, I can’t catch them so I can write it out, but they are so beautiful, so deep that in those moments, I’m horrified by the body, in those moments I feel uplifted, like dreaming the best dream.

And in those moments no matter where, as I am, I like it the most from the social condition. Feeling like my soul smiles. Thanks to this, I am getting deeper into the spiritual path. And it is so interesting to observe the signs of life, to receive them, to listen to intuition and to follow it, trying to understand the lessons from the events and people sent.

If you knew that even the worst disasters are just your carmin reflection, your unpaid debt, accept it as a gift. I know that everything is not in vain and anyone who has been in for some reason has come to us with its purpose for our growth, mission, lesson, or karma. So it is up to us how much we will get from it, whether we will be able to look back, choose to grow, try to understand and go on the path of consciousness, to develop.

And for that reason we are on earth.

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  1. Hey ilona, I dont know about carmin. But honestly agreed with ur point, Everything that comes to us has its own purpose. We can use it wise or waste it. Choice is ours. Also, Its good to have thoughts like that. Keep writing it down whenever u remember good points, if u have a habit of diary writing, that would help u a lot. 😉 Nice Post ! Have a beautiful day ilona✨✍️

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