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We often dont think about our safety, we do things, which may be dangerous for us. Sometimes we dont think about how important our life is. Specially when we have physical pain or depression, i heard some people saying i just want to end it, because i can’t anymore, why would end the most beautiful thing what you ever had and you still have?

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I'm here to post my thoughts and positive pictures❤️

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  1. THere is Want in Will
    And then Now All that
    May Be Left is Will to Survive…
    It is Our Reptile Brain Our First/
    Last Brain Left that will Save Us
    Most When Logic and Even
    HeART is Gone Yet
    People are
    They are
    Yet to meet their
    Savior the Dragon
    Shadow ShaKinG Hands WiTH
    Who Lives Deepest in Surviving… US..
    Smiles Ms Hugs Are You Friends With Your
    Dragon if so Bare Your Joker Teeth Like me.. hehe..
    i took the Joker Photo a Split Second Before my Angel came back
    Just for Play
    i keep the
    in my
    as it is
    Joker yet Real..
    So Who Will Play
    A Joker Best Angel
    And Devil True in Light And Dark..
    i’ll include the Devil and Angel in the
    Next two comments as i’m not sure you can handle both in one Comment hehe..
    but yeah.. sure.. i’ll Provide the Theme Song Now Introducing You to ‘Shepherd
    of Fire’ Now By ‘Avenged 7 Fold’ No Less and Sure always a bit more with me Hehe..;)

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  2. Very true, although it may be difficult for some people to love their life the way it is given to them, we must remember that our life can be a mixture of unique experiences, people and places, and our own magical fairytale journey if we let it be. 💓
    Life has so much more to offer than we realize. So one should rather open their eyes for the beauty that’s already around.

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  3. Craziest Thing of All is i was totally Calm in this Photo same way i am when i Leg Press 690 Kilograms 8 Reps Just A Feather in the ‘Breeze’…

    No one has ever seen me Angry but me and no one ever wants to either including me again too.. with smiles Now of Course Complete..

    Even on a Calm Day like ‘This’ When i make this Face my Wife Says i Will Scare the Crap
    out of ‘Jack Nicholson’ without even Trying.. it’s even scarier when Angels
    suddenly turn into Devils without even trying.. hAha..;)

    Imagine a ‘Red Neck’ trying to make Fun of me Doing my Ballet
    Turning Around and Presenting my Dancing With the Devil in Pale
    Moonlight Look…
    Will hehe..;)

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  4. I think sometimes those darkest thoughts come when we aren’t in control mentally and emotionally anymore. One of the biggest things in working toward prevention is developing relationships before it gets to that point, so that when it does, there is someone we feel safe enough with to tell.

    Thank you for the food for thought and the beautiful picture friend! ❤️

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  5. Hi ilona, Hope your weekend is awesome🤗✍️✨ Have a beautiful weekend🙂😉.

    Life to end is the worst decision one can ever make. Out of depression we may have the feeling to give up on life. But out emotions are a temporary state of darkness, Why do someone give up for a temporary storm. When there is dark, there is always light. Dark cant stay forever. Life is to enjoy both dark and light. Be calm in dark, and embrace the light✨🤗✍️ Have a beautiful weekend again🤗

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  6. Dear Ilona

    In the terminology of the wise and holy Saints it is said that when one takes his or her life that person is bound to take his or her life another 100 lifetimes – sometimes they even end their life without a proper reason, but many times because of severe depressions. What we sow we have to reap and no-one can escape from the law of cause and effect. Life is like a mirror, like an echo: good deeds come back with good deeds and evil deeds return often with the same deeds: What we have done to others, will be done to us…
    All the problems we humans have in our life must be overcome, only then we can take the next step to a higher way of life. Ending our life, because we think all is over then that all problems are no longer there, as one may think that he or she is also no longer existing – what a great illusion! – then we come out of the frying pan and into the fire and make a turning from bad to worse. Then it is too late and we have to reap a very painful harvest… Sometimes one good thought and a courageous decision may change our lives in a positive way. All mistakes and shortcomings living in us, present in bad habits as well, must be weeded out, one by one – then we pave our way with the aim to get to our real Home someday – we all are already endless Yugas (ages) on our way and have not yet reached our goal, as we still run after the pleasures of this world… we are in this world, but not from this world…

    Thanks for sharing, dear Ilona and have a great time

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