Nobody can tell you, how to live your life

But what are the standards like, how do you personally must live? There are no such a thing here! You are not like anyone, you are unique. So if you find it hard to start moving towards a better, happier life, now I would recommend something the most, turn off TV and turn to self-help book. And I will breathe fresh air for you, raise my eyes to heaven and continue to send love to everyone and everything, and let my life and my heart go along the journey of life so that I will smile in the death hall.

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  1. I disagree with your comment « nobody can tell you how to live your life » for they can tell you and they can tell you lots of other things. But as a human being with their own thoughts and actions, you have a choice to not listen. We have the choice to live our lives as we see fit. As long as that life is a lawful life. Why should we want to control how you live it. You were given free will, use it wisely.

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