Ready yet?

What stories will you have to tell if you never pushed yourself beyond your boundaries? You are going to make mistakes, get hurt and occasionally face your fears. It may feel uncomfortable, but in the end you will feel accomplished and ready for anything.

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  1. The mechanism behind a successful story is usually rough, tough and unpleasant,it takes mistake upon mistake to bring out the reality called success.
    So success simply means learning from the sum total of all your mistakes to get what you want from life.
    In other words success is the economic benefit of mistakes.
    It’s been a while , how are you doing?


  2. Most people it seems, would rather stay within certain boundaries, their comfort zone, because they are afraid to make mistakes or get hurt. But if we want to grow and accomplish our goals in life then it’s necessary to move outside those boundaries. Sure, we will make mistakes and may get hurt at times, but it will all help us to grow and move ahead and we will be able to accomplish our goals. Great thought Ilona, hope your day is going well!😁🌞🍁🍂

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