PowerFul Juice For The Afternoon

Detox juice is good way to add a lot of nutrients and vitamins in to your body. It may help you to increase energy, boost your immune system, helps to remove the toxins. After your detoxification, your body will have better digestive function and will make you feel lighter. Toxins affect the body’s ability to […]

Happy and Healthy

Want to live healthy and happy? Take at least 15 minutes a day for you and yourself. Learn to love everything. And do not condemn anything. Make yourself a goal to always find inspiration, this way you can stay inspired for your goals. Let it be a fascinating and motivating person or at least an […]

Would You Like You, If You Met You?

This question is so difficult, i’m still not sure what the answer is. I don’t want to lie to myself, i was asking myself again and again, until i finally decided to write a about it. If you don’t like to meet yourself it must be the reason, probably because you are unhappy with yourself, […]

Mental Health

First we creating our habits and after they creating us. Is very important what you choose, because you choose what you become. But we have the possibility to make mistakes and the opportunity to change it. Every morning we choose our mood, what kind of clothes we will wear today, lets put happiness on, it’s […]

9 Natural Depression Treatments

Depression. Living with depression it may become to heavy to carry on. Depression leaving for you negative feelings only. Sad, lonely, sad and tired. Welcome o the club, you not the alone, i was there a while ago. I know ones you get sucked in to it, you may be not able to get out […]

Healthy Juice Before Working Out

Detox drinks are simple to make and easy to drink, make it part of your and it change you. You have big choice, my preference are home made juice, i like to make it on my own. The best thing about detox is that you can use any combination of vegetables and fruits, i like […]