Those days we see a big lack of kindness everyday. I can see it with my own eyes, each day.

Between close people and strangers, some simple little things can bright the day of other people and yours too. How difficult it is to hold the door behind you, if you see someone is just right at your back? Not difficult at all, but overtime i go shopping i see, that nobody cares, even if there is a women with a baby, they just let it go, instead of making a little nice gesture. Yes they dont have to do that, but it makes me wonder, do we still have some humanity left on this planet?

People are not use to see any kindness anymore and if i do something nice, they are really surprised and they think, that it’s something strange and probably i will ask something in exchange, which i wont. I’m not saying, that i’m the kindest super hero here, no, far a way to be one.

But how much it cost to let someone go in front, if you see, that the person is rushing? If you see the lady at the cashier who is so tired, you can ask hard day? You know mine wasn’t better, can’t wait to be home. Instead of watching how she scan you stuff, you can have a little chat.

It can give a better mood for other person, to put a smile on other people faces feels good and i believe, that it will come back too, maybe in the different way, but it will.


About Fame

Everybody dreamed once or twice to be famous, to be a famous dinger, actor or professional sport player. It’s probably very fun and amazing to be popular, but at what cost. Of course, there is always the price to pay.

Once people have everything what they want, everything is tasteless so they try to find new sensation with drugs or other things. Most of celebrities get divorce sooner or later, fell in addiction, have completely unstable family. Well some doing well of course, but it’s far to be the majority.

So yes being famous might be very nice but if it cost your life at the end i prefer to live in peace.

About Wedding

About Wedding

(Collabotation with Steve)

Wedding is an important day of our life. Depend the people it can be more or less significant. But one sure thing is that it’s pretty expensive day.

Lot of personal and financial investment. Do it really worth it? I personally prefer to use this money to enjoy a trip or important expense in life.

Than spend an enormous amount of money for 1 day. But as I said depend the people is more or less important. So I respect people who invest so much into it but it’s not my mentality.

Weddings today can be very expensive. People end up going so far into debt that it can take years to pay for it. Here in N. America the average cost of a wedding is $33,000. The average cost of an engagement ring is $3,100 and a wedding ring is $2,500.

The average cost for a wedding dress is $1,800. Catering for 100 guests runs about $6,000 to $8,000. And many people want something extra, something different to make their wedding stand out more than the average and that just makes it even more expensive. 

One man said his friend had spent $5,000 on the engagement ring for his fiance, so he decided to pay more for his just to outdo his friend. Unfortunately people rarely consider the costs, they just go ahead and do it and worry about it later. Does this really make sense? Is this really the best way to start off your marriage?


(i already posted english version it’s called Gold Diggers)

Деньги это удивительная вещь. Это важная часть нашей жизни. Нам это нужно, и мы постоянно работаем над тем, чтобы обеспечить его хорошей жизнью для нас и наших семей. И в этом нет ничего плохого. Но для некоторых людей это выходит далеко за рамки этого, и они готовы сделать абсолютно все, чтобы получить это. Например, женщины оставят свои семьи, чтобы достичь этой цели больших сумм денег, даже если это означает отказ от своей жизни, жизнь как раба, чтобы получить эти деньги. И это не только женщины тоже. Я действительно считаю, что наше общество оказывает давление на мужчин и женщин, даже начиная с детей, что в жизни важна только деньги, имеющие большой банковский счет. Люди больше не могут быть довольны комфортной жизнью, это должно быть больше, и это заставляет людей делать странные вещи только ради любви к деньгам. Он пропагандируется повсюду в нашем обществе, чтобы люди забыли, что действительно важно в жизни. Просто не стоит расставаться с семьей, любовью, здоровьем и с самим собой, просто имея такую ​​огромную сумму денег.


(i already posted in english, it’s called gold diggers)

L’argent est une chose incroyable. C’est une partie importante de nos vies. Nous en avons besoin et nous nous efforçons constamment de le faire pour que notre famille et nous-mêmes vivions bien. Et il n’y a aucun problème avec ça. Mais pour certaines personnes, cela va bien au-delà et elles sont prêtes à tout faire pour l’obtenir. Par exemple, les femmes vont quitter leur famille pour atteindre cet objectif de grosses sommes d’argent, même si cela signifie abandonner leur vie, vivre comme un esclave pour avoir cet argent. Et ce n’est pas que des femmes non plus. Je crois vraiment que notre société exerce une pression sur les hommes et les femmes, même à commencer par les enfants, pour que la seule chose qui compte dans la vie soit l’argent, avoir un grand compte en banque. Les gens ne peuvent plus se contenter d’une vie confortable, il faut qu’ils soient plus nombreux et cela les pousse à faire des choses étranges rien que par amour de l’argent. Il est promu partout dans notre société afin que les gens aient oublié ce qui est vraiment important dans la vie. Cela ne vaut pas la peine de renoncer à la famille, à l’amour, à la santé et à vous-même, simplement pour avoir cette somme très importante.

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Simon Nisha

when ever i see ur other language post i speak to myself and laugh…😂😂😂Me1: hey did u see that first line… wow😍Me2: she missed that grammer on the end rightMe1: yeah, grammer and so poetic… did u … ahh… for real.. understanding any of this?Me2: Uhhhhh… nope… u???🙄🙄Me1: me neither 😂😂😂Me2: lets just say she is awesome 😜me1: u think she wil believe that?🤔me2: ha ha ha…😂😂😂 not at all..dont comment at all.. 😂😂 skipped it..