Comment of the Day about brain and Heart

User Info Steve Country You are so right Ilona! It is good to have the right mix, because just following our heart or our brain can lead us in the wrong direction. But I believe that when both are used and you still have to make that final decision then it is better to go […]

Comment of the day from the Post which one to Follow brain or heart Simon NishaThis is a most complicated post to answer, It works on bothways sometime you have to trust your instinct, i mean most of the time, But sometime brain says the right thing witg calculation. So as you started it depends on how worse the situation is. But most part is won by heart. […]

Huge Tips For Coping With Depression

1. SLEEP You have to sleep from 6 to 9 hours per night, try to go to bed before 10pm or at least 23pm. In the morning you should get up earlier between 6 and 7 pm. For your body is very important to keep the same rhythm, waking up early may change your life, […]

How To Heal Depression

Depression. Living with depression it may become to heavy to carry on. Depression leaving for you negative feelings only: sad, lonely, sad and tired. Welcome o the club, you not the alone, i was there a while ago. I know ones you get sucked in to it, you may be not able to get out […]