Comment of the Day about brain and Heart

User Info Steve Country You are so right Ilona! It is good to have the right mix, because just following our heart or our brain can lead us in the wrong direction. But I believe that when both are used and you still have to make that final decision then it is better to go […]

Comment of the DAY made my DAY Saania

Saania2806Interesting topic.Friends and family often tell us to “listen to the heart,” as it “knows what’s best for you.” And so many people follow their emotional inclinations rather than those that logic would suggest. I believe that this depends on the situation. For example, in the case of love, why are we drawn to people who we […]

Comment of the day from the Post which one to Follow brain or heart Simon NishaThis is a most complicated post to answer, It works on bothways sometime you have to trust your instinct, i mean most of the time, But sometime brain says the right thing witg calculation. So as you started it depends on how worse the situation is. But most part is won by heart. […]

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I have been nominated by very nice blogger and huge supporter, thank you so much girl, it means a lot to me, maybe you were thinking, that i forgot, but i haven’t, so finally here it is, THANK YOU, i m really happy to do it, here is her blog, click to follow because she […]

Brain or heart which one you are following?

Depend the situation, when the affect is in the equation, it is difficult because we might have double tought, one who follow the logic, calculated, and another one who follow your heart, your instinct. Both solution might be very different so what to chose, it is not an easy task. I believe we need the […]

Healthy Juice For Well Being

Detox juice is good way to add a lot of nutrients and vitamins in to your body. It may help you to increase energy, boost your immune system, helps to remove the toxins.  The best thing about detox is that you can use any combination of vegetables and fruits, i like to add some coconut […]

Tips To Lose Weight Fast

1.Avoid all the sodas and soft drinks Sweetened sodas and drinks can add weight on you body, specially on you belly and waste. sodas are loaded with a lot of sugar, calories and essential nutrients. Sweet tastes also promote insulin release, which blocks your body ability to burn fat and build the muscles. Sugary drinks […]

10 Tips To Get Out Of Depression

Depression is body, mind and soul imbalance, you have to fix your body, set up your mind and find out peace in your soul is very difficult task, but is possible, not everyone is able to do it, but if some people can so do you. 1. SLEEP You have to sleep from 6 to […]